New Asphalt Driveway

Collins, Ohio

This customer wanted to update their existing stone driveway to new asphalt. The project consisted of grading the existing stone and placing a total 4 inches of new asphalt. The project was completed in the summer of 2020.

Precision Paving specializes in residential paving. Our experienced staff will provide you with accurate knowledge about the best solution for your current situation, as there are many options. Where possible resurfacing is the most cost effective option and aesthetically pleasing. Sewer drains can be added or repaired and our crews will remove any high areas where required to provide proper drainage and a flush joint in the surface area. While caring for your paving requirements we place emphasis on ensuring we meet environmental standards. Asphalt is the most recycled material in America.

"What is resurfacing?"

Usually a new layer of hot mix asphalt compacted to a 1-1/2 inch to 2 inch thickness is placed over an existing asphalt surface.

"What if the old surface is too deteriorated or if the resurface will be too high of an elevation?"

Our crew will “mill-out” the existing surface, prepare a sub-base and pave in the new asphalt in "lifts" to achieve the desired thickness, usually 3" to 6" thick.

"What if I have a stone driveway?"

Our staff will evaluate the quality and thickness of your existing stone base and determine if any additional stone is needed for a sturdy asphalt base. If additional stone is required our prep crew will come in prior to paving and place the additional stone and regrade the area. The asphalt will then be placed and compacted on the level, graded stone base.

"What is typical in a residential paving contract?"

The crew will use a small mill to remove existing asphalt at any curb, sidewalk or drain to ensure a solid joint for the new asphalt, these are referred to as "butt-joints". Using a mechanical broom sweeper, the crew will next clean the area that is to be paved, removing any dirt, rocks or grass within the paving area. The next step in the resurfacing process is to apply a liquid “tack” coat to the existing surface so the new asphalt being applied will adhere to the old surface. Then the crew will pave a resurfacing layer over the existing driveway.  A “riser” is installed, if needed, on a sewer drain to elevate the drain to match the new higher elevation of a resurfacing.